Your FAQs

Here's answers to some of your more frequently asked questions around Tenderstem® broccoli.

What is Tenderstem® broccoli?

Good question. Tenderstem® broccoli is the (perfectly natural) love child of Chinese kale and broccoli, star-crossed lovers of the vegetable world.

What does Tenderstem® broccoli taste like?

A bit like broccoli but way better - it has a sweet, nutty flavour, similar to asparagus, all wrapped up in a gorgeous crunch.

What is the nutritional value of Tenderstem® broccoli?

Tenderstem® broccolihas many nutritional benefits. It's high in folates, plus it's a good source of fibre and protein.

How do you cook Tenderstem® broccoli?

Well! Tenderstem® broccoli can be blanched, boiled, stir fried, steamed, deep fried, grilled, roasted, barbecued or eaten raw.... You name it, we’ve probably tried it.

Can I eat Tenderstem® broccoli raw?

Of course! Tenderstem® broccoli is sotender, it’s raring to go, straight from the pack; just add it to your picnic or lunch box. Happy days.

How much Tenderstem® broccoli makes up 1 of your 5-a-day?

Seven stems. That is all.

Is Tenderstem® broccoli a superfood?

Yes, with lots of health benefits this stemsational veggie is certainly super. It's high in fibre and protein, very low salt and fat free.

Where is Tenderstem® broccoli grown?

A large portion of Tenderstem® broccoli is grown in the UK, however to ensure we can bring it to you all year round we also source it from Kenya and Spain.

How many calories are in a standard serving of Tenderstem® broccoli?

Each 100g serving contains just 35kcal.