Flavour mates

Play with just a few ingredients today, branch out and get more creative in the kitchen tomorrow! Here are a few magical combos to transform your dishes.

1. Cumin & Carrot


Bring a touch of the Middle East to the table with cumin. Just crush, roast and release the wonderfully nutty flavour. This spice adds a delicate flavour to roast carrots, intensifying their natural sweetness. Throw in a splash of zesty orange to caramelise and mingle with the delicious spice and let the magic happen.

2. Rosemary and Watermelon


For a summery vibe, try combining rosemary with watermelon. The soft sweet flesh of the watermelon has grassy, veggie undertones, perfectly paired with the refreshing notes of rosemary.

3. Feta Cheese and Mint


Goat’s cheese comes in many fabulous forms… From light and citric flavours to a strong kick, feta has a distinctive tangy and salty flavour that ranges from mild to sharp.

For a delicious picnic treat, why not mash feta, mint, chives, black pepper and fold into little filo pastries and bake! Delicious.

4. Tenderstem Broccoli and...

We couldn’t finish without mentioning our good friend Tenderstem® broccoli. A versatile veg, our little friend has a personal penchant for salty ingredients; think blue cheese, soy sauce and black beans. It’s also particularly good matched with peanuts, bacon, anchovy and chilli. Nom nom nom.