Make your own pasta

You really can’t get a true taste of Italy without indulging in pasta. We’ve put together our top tips for how to make fresh pasta, so give yourself some time and get ready to make a mess...

  1. 1. If you’re using a pasta machine, you need lots of space to roll out your pasta thin enough. Once that’s done, clamp your pasta machine to the work surface.

    2. Buy some good flour and the freshest eggs. We recommend Tipo 00 flour, which is very finely sieved.

    3. Once you’ve mixed your eggs and flour, put your heart and soul into kneading that pasta dough to get the best al dente experience from your very first bite.

    4. And if you’ve gone to the effort of making fresh pasta, why not make your own sauce, too? Try our Tenderstem® broccoli, Thyme and Melting Tallegio Sauce recipe.