Good Timings We Bring - Christmas Dinner Timings Guide

Good Timings We Bring - Christmas Dinner Timings Guide

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Now that we’ve seen the festive adverts from almost all of the big supermarkets and retailers, thoughts turn to festive food that everyone looks forward to. Whilst mince pies, Christmas cake and pigs in blankets play a strong supporting roll in the build up, the main event is undoubtedly Christmas dinner. It has so many elements, which means that there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

Christmas is a time we come together with friends and family for the big annual meal, this can mean preparing food for more people than you normally would; making the day itself and those leading up to it extremely stressful for cooks on dinner duty. It may be your first time cooking the Christmas dinner and you’re nervous about the prospect of catering for such an important meal. Alternatively, you may have cooked it previously, but you’re still struggling with timings and getting the prep nailed.

It may only be November, but it’s the perfect time of year to iron out your plans; after all, there are so many things to consider:

  • What size turkey you need
  • What sides to serve
  • When to make your accompaniments
  • Which potato is right for your roasties
  • How far in advance to prepare, etc

One of the best tips, is that it’s never too early to start prepping. So, if you’re playing Christmas dinner chef this year, then you need to start by thinking about a Christmas dinner list. Preparing Christmas dinner in advance means that you’re ahead of the game. As long as you stick to your timetable, you should be in prime position to deliver a memorable feast where you’re not stressing.

Rather than making your own list, help is at hand from your friends here at Tenderstem® broccoli with our downloadable timings guide, which we produced with Lavender and Lovage,aka Karen Burns-Booth. Either view or download our Christmas dinner planner HERE to see all the tasks that need doing, helpfully sorted in chronological order in the weeks and days leading up to Christmas Day. There is also a timings breakdown for the whole day in half hour sections, so you can keep to schedule without worrying about what to do next. We’ve even included some great recipe suggestions if you’re new to cooking Christmas dinner, or even if you aren’t, but want to add some more dishes to your Christmas day repertoire. From turkey and stuffing to gravy and pigs in blankets, our comprehensive Christmas dinner planner has you covered for the whole day, stress-free.

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