Purple is the New Green

Purple is the New Green

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Purple is the new green… introducing Tenderstem® Purple!

This winter’s vegetable offering just got bolder with the arrival of a new brassica, exclusive to M&S Food Halls across the UK from January 2019. Tenderstem® Purple is the new addition to the Tenderstem® broccoli family and will be available all year round, making it a go-to accompaniment for your favourite dish, from summery salads and stir fries, to a warming winter roast.

Our expert team behind Tenderstem® broccoli have been working hard to develop this innovative new vegetable, which is from the same family of brassicas as the much-loved green Tenderstem® broccoli.

Tenderstem® Purple has a more mellow and buttery flavour with a distinct darker coloured stem, like the popular purple sprouting broccoli, but much more versatile, as well as being quicker and easier to cook.

As we are all living increasingly busy lives, now more than ever there is a demand for vegetables that are easy to cook, have no prep time and no waste, while offering a balance of flavours. The expert team behind Tenderstem® Purple are committed to making sure their new brassica boasts all these qualities. It is sure to be the new vegetable that everyone will want to try at their next dinner party, or an easy way to introduce a new, colourful veggie to their favourite mid-week menu.

Eaten raw as part of a colourful crudité selection, tossed in sesame oil for a flavourful stir fry, or as part of a hearty oven roast, Tenderstem® Purple is the perfect way to eat the seasons.

What’s more, Tenderstem® Purple is also good for you. Tenderstem® Purple is:
• Low in fat and calories
• Low in saturates and sugar
• High in fibre
• A good source of potassium (which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure)
• High in vitamins A, B6 and C (helping to boost the immune system and reduce fatigue)

One of the best things about Tenderstem® Purple is its versatility to be included in your favourite cuisines. From traditional hearty gratins and roast dinner side dishes, to flavoursome curries and noodle dishes, this new veg on the block will be sure to brighten up any seasonal dish.
We can’t wait for you to try it! Available now in M&S Food Halls nationwide.