BOSH! – Joe Wicks nails another recipe book

BOSH! – Joe Wicks nails another recipe book

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September saw our favourite personal trainer, come dietician, come chef, release another comprehensive recipe book with a focus on health, nutrition and flavour. Known for his exuberant cooking and presenting style, personal trainer Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) has injected every ounce of this energy into his latest title, Joe’s 30 Minute Meals, without the frenetic pace.

Joe’s easy approach to cooking is all down to preparation. At the beginning of the book he lists the key ingredients required to make all the book’s dishes; broken down into both fresh and frozen produce, and store cupboard essentials, with sections for optional extras in each. This makes it easy to add these delicious recipes into your repertoire when planning a weekly or monthly shop, while helping readers cut down on food wastage.

With lots of tasty new recipes to check out, the Joe Wicks recipes we’re most excited to try are the ones including Tenderstem® broccoli, or as Joe would call them ‘midget trees’. From salads to Chinese specialities, there is something for everyone! We can’t wait to try the steak with kale, tahini and sesame greens from the reduced-carb offering. Showcasing the versatility of our super veg, by balancing fresh and delicate flavours with a rich meat in perfect harmony.

If you’re after something from the carb-loading options, we think the prawn & chicken chow mein is a real winner. Here, Joe adds midget trees, full of texture and flavour, to complement the mild flavours of both shellfish and poultry; all married together with a classic Chinese sauce, a real modern classic.

This book is the antidote when you’re feeling tired and uninspired. After a long day, you want to come home and cook recipes the whole family can enjoy, which are healthy and nutritious, and that is what this book provides. Gone are the workouts and frantic preparation to produce a meal in 15 minutes, like his ‘Lean in 15’ series. This new book states from the outset that exercise is important, but that the focus is nutrition, balance and the exploration of a wider range of flavours and techniques, without making life difficult.

We’re sure that this book will excite his existing fan base, while capturing new fans who may have been wary of the fitness and exercise focus of his previous volumes. Recipe-wise, there really is a great deal of variety and we’re happy to see that Joe Wicks still enjoys cooking with Tenderstem® broccoli as much as we do. Thumbs up from us, Joe!

If you’re inspired to try out some of the recipes, find out where you can buy both fresh and frozen Tenderstem® broccoli here; or you could always go for his tried and tested garlic and teriyaki chicken with Tenderstem® broccoli.