Broccoli Salad Recipes Perfect for Summer

Why Use Tenderstem® for a Broccoli Salad?

With Tenderstem®, you don’t need to worry about the stiff, chunky trunk of the florets as you would with regular broccoli. Instead, Tenderstem®’s natural crunch means you can add it raw to any number of salads without wasting any of the stem.

Equally you can quickly and easily cook Tenderstem® depending on what kind of broccoli salad you’re making.

How to Cook Tenderstem® Broccoli for a Salad

Tenderstem® is so versatile that if eating it raw is not your thing, there’s plenty of ways to cook it before adding it to a salad.

Whichever way suits you, there will be a summer salad suited to how you want to cook Tenderstem®. And there's plenty of other ways you can prepare Tenderstem® broccoli for a salad.

What to Serve with a Broccoli Salad?

Sometimes salads are good enough and filling enough to keep you going on their own. But we understand that sometimes they’re better served alongside even more tasty food.

For meat eaters, a broccoli salad goes perfectly with a good cut of beef. Try this Sticky Asian Beef Short Ribs recipe, where a Tenderstem® broccoli salad will provide a vibrant, crunchy contrast to the sweet stickiness of the beef. Or you can even add a Tenderstem® salad alongside a sirloin steak, creating that mouth-watering combo of succulent beef and crunchy Tenderstem®.

For vegetarians, try a Tenderstem® salad with grilled halloumi. Once again the textures combine perfectly, as does the tangy saltiness of halloumi with crunchy nuttiness of the Tenderstem® broccoli.

So here’s a selection of our favourite broccoli salads for summer. We’ve taken a look over all of our broccoli salad recipes and picked a wide range, to show you just how versatile your salads can be. There’s broccoli salads with fruit, some with grains and chickpeas and others with culinary influences from across the world. Which will be your favourite?

Great Broccoli Salad Recipes