Mozzarella Stuffed Figs Wrapped in Parma Ham with Garlic Butter Tenderstem® broccoli & Orange Zest

Mozzarella Stuffed Figs Wrapped in Parma Ham with Garlic Butter Tenderstem® broccoli & Orange Zest

These pretty little Autumnal parcels of flavour are deceptively filling; making a perfect light meal for one or an appetiser for two!

It seems like a figs don't get enough love and attention for what they are which could be down to people having tried them before they've ripened. So how do you know when they're ripe? They're ripe when their skin is smoother and they feel more delicate and juicy to the touch. On the inside a beautiful, bright pink colour peppered with seeds is encased in a yellow pith. If they're unripe, the pink and yellow is duller, the skin is thicker and tougher and they are fairly dry and bland to eat. Get them when they're ripe and you'll fall in love. I like them on their own, or on porridge but they pair wonderfully in this dish with the subtle creaminess of mozzarella and the salty richness of Parma ham and it's always fun to discover new and unexpected uses for fruit in savoury dishes.

Another match made in heaven is Tenderstem® broccoli and garlic butter. Simplicity is the best way to let vegetables show off their natural beauty; lightly sauteed until they are tender yet retaining most of their crisp texture. The florets grip all that garlicky goodness while the stems gleam with butter. Orange zest over the whole dish brings it all together for a tangy-fresh finish and prettifies it.

Preparation time

5 minutes

Cooking time

10 minutes



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  1. Snip the ends off the fig stalks. This makes them easier to cut through. Cut a cross through the stalk down to nearly the base of the fig taking care not to completely cut it into quarters

  2. Cut the mozzarella into 4 and place a piece inside each fig. Wrap each fig with a slice of Parma ham and then skewer two figs onto each skewer ensuring you pierce the fig flesh, the cheese and the fig flesh on the other side. You don't want them to be loose on the skewers.

  3. Place them under a medium grill for 5-10 minutes until the cheese is starting to turn golden

  4. Meanwhile heat your butter and garlic in a wok or frying pan on a medium heat and add your Tenderstem® broccoli. Toss the broccoli often so that it's covered in the garlic butter and put a lid over it

  5. Use this time to grate your orange zest

  6. After 5 minutes, toss again, season well and plate up. Sprinkle your zest over everything and give the figs a little black pepper

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