The TikTok trending Tenderstem® ‘broquet’ - Closed

Make the TikTok trending Tenderstem® ‘broquet’ at home

We’re playing Cupid to help you make your Valentine’s meal extra special. We gave away five viral ‘broquets’ to our Irish subscribers, made by the very talented Keady Flowers, creators of the TikTok viral Tenderstem® ‘broquet’.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to win one of our special Tik Tok-inspired 'broquets', watch the video for a step-by-step of how you can make your loved ones, friends or family members a Valentine’s gift they won’t forget.

Sorry you missed out on our competition. Check back for more soon.

Whether you like your Tenderstem® steamy with a fresh and crunchy texture, or charred on the grill and bursting with flavour, you’ll find a match made in broccoli heaven this Valentine’s.

Check out the links below to get started with Tenderstem®.

Recipe Inspiration

Want your date to fall floret over heels for your cooking? Tenderstem® is a perfect companion for your romantic plans. Get started with these recipes that are simple, quick, and sure to impress.