Japanese savoury pancake with Tenderstem® broccoli and red cabbage – recipe by Meera Sodha

Japanese savoury pancake with Tenderstem® broccoli and red cabbage – recipe by Meera Sodha

This savoury pancake dish is known as “okonomiyaki” in Japan – literally translating to “grilled as you like it”. Combining cabbage and Tenderstem® broccoli for an added crunch, serve your pancake with mayo and katsuobushi (dried, fermented and smoked skipjack tuna) for a main meal that’ll whisk you away to Japan in a matter of minutes.


Preparation time

20 minutes

Cooking time

20 minutes



Nutritional information per serving

  • kcal 719
  • Fat 33.2
  • Saturates 4.7g
  • Carbs 79.7g
  • Sugars 16.7g
  • Fibre 12.1g
  • Protein 27.7g
  • Salt 4.8g


  1. First blanch the Tenderstem® broccoli. Bring a large pot of water to boil, drop the Tenderstem® broccoli in for 3 minutes drain and set aside to cool.

  2. Whisk the flour, salt, eggs and 150ml water together in a mixing bowl with a fork until there are no lumps and you have a smooth batter.

  3. Add the finely sliced red cabbage and the white part of the spring onions to the batter. Roughly chop half of the Tenderstem® broccoli and place that into the batter and mix well to coat all of the vegetables.

  4. Leave this to one side whilst you prepare all the toppings for the okonomiyaki. Thin 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise with a little water, so that you can drizzle it with a spoon. Leave the sauce and pickled ginger to one side.

  5. To cook the okonomiyaki, heat a tablespoon of oil in a small frying pan over a medium to high heat. Add half the batter to the pan and flatten it with a spoon or spatula, it should be around 3cm deep. Cook the first side for 4 minutes. You should see the scraps of cabbage and batter at the edges of the pancake starting to brown and crisp. If it is going too fast, turn down the heat a little. After 4 minutes, turn the okonomiyaki with a palette knife or spatula (or if you are particularly confident, toss it like a pancake) and cook on the second side for a further three minutes. When ready, turn out onto a plate. Repeat with the second half of the batter.

  6. To serve, criss-cross the surface of the okonomiyaki with strands of okonomiyaki sauce and then the mayonnaise before liberally topping with pickled ginger, Katsuobushi and finally, sprinkle over the remaining spring onion greens.

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